Interview: Neville "coL.Neviilz" Caruana - Hearthstone streamer for compLexity

Neville ‘Neviilz’ Caruana is undoubtedly one of the most successful gamers coming from Malta. As a Hearthstone player and streamer, he has risen to prominence in the international Hearthstone scene over the past couple of years on the back of an entertaining persona he puts up whilst...

Top 10 Upcoming eSport titles

Unlike traditional sport, the popularity of eSport titles fluctuate. No eSport title lasts forever, and only a handful have lasted more than five years. Esports is fuelled by the playerbase, and its viewership, and when that shifts to a newer game, so does the eSports mantle. Not that...

EVERSIO's Top 10 Most Anticipated Video-Games for 2017

We're excited about a few video-games coming to our screens in the next few months (or years!). Here's our top ten list! Number 10: Spider-Man Release Date: N/A We have fond memories of the Spider-Man games on the original PlayStation, so when we started reading about Marvel's...