EVERSIO.FIFA: Welcome, Turbuleense & Sanchez!

Two years ago, we were represented by Gianluca "Turbuleense" Sant until the end of the FIFA18's competitive run. We're now making a comeback to the everlasting franchise, FIFA with the signing of two world-class players in order to participate in the FIFA eClub World Cup...

Tekken: Welcome, Moonkin!

Last summer we said goodbye to one of the founders of our Tekken squad, Joseph "addicttekken" Facciol. In anticipation of a tournaments cropping up once more, we're happy to introduce his replacement to the team, David "Moonkin" Cilia, and now our squad is back to being...

Thank you, addicttekken!

A few weeks back, Joseph "addicttekken' Facciol informed us of his decision to retire from the game in which he had been competing for years. Joseph's drive will now shift fully unto his family's beautiful new addition, as he takes on the biggest responsibility in life,...

EVE.RL @ RLCS X EU Qualifiers

Almost 700 teams have registered for the European qualifiers of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X. With our new Lithuanian reinforcements, we're confident we can make it!    EVERSIO 1:0  BYE   EVERSIO 2:0  Hello!   EVERSIO 2:0...