Welcome, Roden & Gann!

As we're approaching the 12th year of operations, the beating heart of this organisation has always been the tenacity of a small group of volunteers who persisted on having Project Eversio as a beacon of hope for Maltese esports. Today, we're happy to announce the addition of two young and...

Upcoming eSports Events in Malta (22 March)

Tournaments and events are the lifeblood of the local esports community. We've taken the initiative to compile a list of local upcoming esports events for a multitude of games that may interest our readers, for ease of reference and access. If your favoured game is on the list, make sure to keep...

First Battalion 1944 Tournament for Maltese Teams

MAGE, a new local esports events organiser, has announced the first online tournament for Battalion 1944, specifically for Maltese teams and players. Called 'Battalion 1944: Warzone', the cup features a registration fee of €15 per player, and with a prize distribution as follows: 6...

Quickfire LAN coming in April - The Nova Series #2

Quickfire, the local esports organisation owned by the Eden Leisure Group, will be hosting the second iteration of its signature LAN event, the Nova Series, next April!  The Nova Series #1 was held last September at the InterContinental Arena in St Julian's, featuring tournaments for a...