Overwatch: Quickfire's Hotshot Series 1

Over the past few weeks, our Overwatch team has been hard at work with practice, and testing their skills in online cups, including ESL's Heroes Cup held every Thursday. The latest event for our team to participate in is that organised by Quickfire: The Hotshot Series 1, which is a series of...

EVERSIO 3rd at the MRO: Overwatch Open

Over the past few weeks, our Overwatch squad has been participating in the MRO Overwatch Open, a tournament organised by with an online and offline segment. The qualifiers to the event started off on the 23rd of February 2017, featuring seven local teams, and the final few matches of...

EVERSIO Overwatch Character Guide: Soldier: 76

Introduction We're starting off this series of guides of our solely supported eSports title, Overwatch, with some tips on how to play Soldier: 76. Lore-wise, Soldier:76 AKA Jack Morrison, is the former leader of Overwatch, however in-game, Soldier:76 is a mobile, high DPS (damage per second)...

EVERSIO.Overwatch: 2017 changes

As we venture into 2017 and a promising series of Overwatch competitions, we've had to make some changes to our lineup to ensure a frequent and consistent training schedule for our team. We're bringing back Scott "Scott" Vella and Wayne "Reed" Reed in the Tank and DPS...