Welcome to the org, Gary, Travis!

As we keep on growing, we're also adding dedicated and talented individuals beyond the games themselves, and today, we're happy to announce the addition of two new voluntary staff members to our ever-growing family! Gary "GruntlessGary" Martin is a well known personality and...

CSGO lineup for WESG Malta Qualifier!

We're bringing the band back together for a one-off event! Our CS:GO squad is back together for the upcoming WESG Malta Qualifier, to be held between the 2nd and 4th August 2019 at the 6th iteration of the Nova Series LAN at the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre in St...

Phoenix-Breaker wins Tekkeners Meet Up!

A jam-packed Saturday full of Tekken action at the Gamers Lounge in Birkirkara, Malta saw Matthew "Phoenix-Breaker" Tonna take home a well-deserved trophy after no less than 54 matches of Tekken 7. Matthew came back through the loser bracket after losing the first playoff match, making his...

Fortnite World Cup Recap

One of the largest extended esport tournament formats ever, the Fortnite World Cup features a grand total of $30,000,000 in prize money across most continents, starting from the 13th April and finishing on the 28th of July 2019. Our players competed in the Online Opens, across 10 weeks, with both...