EVERSIO.FN 2x Champs @ QFire Duo/Squad Gun Shows!

Over the past weekend, our local Fortnite squad attended the Quickfire Duo Gun Show on Friday the 14th September, and the Squad Gun Show in Saturday the 15th. Dean "Frag" Ciantar and Matthew "Pullu" Pulis attended, and won the Quickfire Duo Gun Show on the 14th. The event...

EVERSIO.FN win QFire Squad Gun Show!

With a record of twelve squads in attendance at the Quickfire Esports Centre, our squad, composed of Frag, Swrl, Bungy and Pullu attended the Quickfire Squad Gun Show on the 8th of September 2018 to win the event and the €80 prizepot! Good games to all!

Wam wins AOC Solo Series #5

Our Fortnite player  Wam has won another edition of the AOC Solo Series, and €15 for his trouble. The online event, held on the 30th of August, drew a respectible 59 solo Fortnite competitors...or should we say, test subjects for Wam's pump-action shotgun. Wam's...

ICE & Betsson win iGaming CSGO Nova Tournament

Whilst our CS:GO team was duking it out in the main Quickfire Nova Series #3 tournament, in which they ultimately placed 2nd, another member of our CS:GO squad was actually participating in the iGaming CS:GO Tournament organised at the same LAN, and featuring four teams made up of employees of...