EVE.RL @ RLCS X EU Qualifiers

Almost 700 teams have registered for the European qualifiers of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X. With our new Lithuanian reinforcements, we're confident we can make it!    EVERSIO 1:0  BYE   EVERSIO 2:0  Hello!   EVERSIO 2:0...

RL: Welcome, OneXeven!

We're always pushing our teams onwards and forwards, away from the confines of local competition and always aiming towards reaching the higher echelons of international competition. Today, we're announcing a move to strenghten that push, with the addition of  Erikas...

EVE.Phoenix 2nd @ Malta Tekken League v3

This weekend, Phoenix-Breaker participated in the third round of the Malta Tekken League, organisationed by Visionary Iron Team. This was our first offline event in a long time, and a good performance by Matthew was necessary in order for him to get enough points to qualify for the Final Stages of...

EVE.CS @ Winners League S4

As our runs in two ESN events have drawn to a close, starting on the 20th May, we're participating in a new league, the Winners League Season 4! Winners League is composed of three divisions, Starter, Main and Invite, and we've been placed in the EU Main Division, which features a $6,100...