EVERSIO.Rocket League is back!

We're proud to announce that Project Eversio is finally back to Rocket League!  We've been away from the game for just under a year, after our previous roster went inactive but undefeated in the local competitive scene. Today, we're introducing our new Rocket League roster,...

EVERSIO.Tekken @ Malta Comic Con 2019!

Our Tekken trio: addicttekken, DevilSean and Phoenix-Breaker will be participating in the Iron Fist of the Comic Con 2019 on Sunday the 3rd November 2019, organised by Game Defined! A yearly fixture since 2009, the Malta Comic Con will be held over the weekend between the 2nd and the 3rd of...

Fortnite squad for Season 11: Thrillz, Tee-raps, Anubis, Woku!

Nearing two years since release, Fortnite's meteoric rise in the esports and videogaming space cannot go unnoticed. With the massive success that was the Malta Royale two weeks back, we've decided to double down on our Maltese Fortnite division, and we're happy to announce that we now...

EVERSIO.Fortnite @ The €10k Malta Royale

The biggest Fortnite tournament in Malta, and one of the biggest in Southern Europe will kick off this Saturday. 300 flossing fans will make their way to the arena at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre fighting over a €10,000 prize. Players have already started flying in from elsewhere,...