Wam & Magiczz win AOC Duo Series #6

Wam and Magiczz participated in the 6th iteration of the Duo Series, now rebranded as the AOC Duo Series: Fortnite Tournament #6. 31 duo squads signed up for a €25 prizepool, with Magiczz and Wam taking the victory with...

EVERSIO.FN win Qfire Squad Gun Show 18/8/18

This weekend, our newly re-formed Fortnite squad attended the weekly Quickfire Squad Gun Show at the Quickfire Esports Centre in St Julian's in order to prepare for next weekend's LAN event. Frag, Bungy, swrl and Pullu easily won the event against the 5 other squads that turned up, securing...

Wam 9th @ POG Solo Tournament

Our Finnish Fortnite player Wam has signed up to the Premier Online Gaming Solo Tournament, held between the 17th and 19th of August 2018. With 180 participating contestants, the lineup includes numerous famous professional players, including the likes of Summer Skirmish winners Team Atlantis, Team...

ArChon playing in Alpha SC2 Team League S12!

Our StarCraft II Protoss player,  Benjamin "ArChon" Bugeja has teamed up with the guys from  Team Horizon to participate in the Semi-Pro division of the Alpha SC2 Team League Season 12! With over a 100 teams registering for the twelfth season, the league has been going strong...