ArChon playing in Alpha SC2 Team League S12!

Our StarCraft II Protoss player,  Benjamin "ArChon" Bugeja has teamed up with the guys from  Team Horizon to participate in the Semi-Pro division of the Alpha SC2 Team League Season 12! With over a 100 teams registering for the twelfth season, the league has been going strong...

EVERSIO.CS win 1 Night Cup

Last night, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad participated in the CS:GO Cup #1, played for fun against another six local teams. Our team played with a stand-in,  'supreemz' instead of  'raz'.  EVERSIO.CS 16:11  At0mic...

EVERSIO.CSGO @ Nova Series #3!

A second place at the Malta Cyber Series #4 has re-ignited our CS:GO squad's hunger to be re-crowned the best CS team in Malta, and we've signed up to participate in the second LAN event for this summer, the Quickfire Nova Series #3 at the Intercontinental Arena in St...

Txrbulance1 wins GFINITY FIFA Cup!

Gianluca "Txrbulance1" Sant has finally done it!!! After an endless grind, and an unrelenting will to compete, Gianluca has won a GFINITY Challenger Series Cup (13/8/2018), and he makes it to the 6th spot in the leaderboard for qualification into the GFINITY Elite Series!  The 13th...