Korbaax & Same - Top 16 @ ESL Go4Hearthstone #190

Today, our new Hearthstone roster made their debut in their first competitive event under the EVERSIO banner. Go4Hearthstone is a weekly tournament hosted by ESL, featuring a 50EUR prizepool and points towards the monthly finals. 87 total participants from across Europe competed. Korbaax went the...

EVERSIO.CoD win EGL Variant Cup 15/2/2019!

Second place really doesn't suit our Call of Duty squad, and it has happened a few times over the past few weeks, as the team participated in the weekly EGL Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Variant Cup. So we're pleased as punch to see that we've scored our second cup win yesterday, on the 15th...

EVERSIO.CoD - Top 24 @ EEG EU League S1

After almost two months of competition, the EEG Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 European League has come to a close for us. 97 teams from across Europe signed up for the main event, with another 25 teams for the Last Chance Qualifier, all competing for 2,500EUR and 10,000 EEG points. Our all-Maltese...

Two Legends, Same & Korbaax create EVERSIO.Hearthstone!

After announcing the restructuring of our teams in the beginning of 2019, we're proud to present our new division: Hearthstone! Joining us will  be two of the most accomplished Hearthstone players in Malta,  Samuel "Same" Grech, and  Korben John "Korbaax"...