Fortnite.MT swap two - Swrl & Bungy in!

Our Maltese Fortnite squad has opted to make changes to the lineup after the Malta Cyber Series #4. We can only be grateful to James "fireduck" Ducker and Charlot "Cataniia" Catania, both of whom are two of the best Fortnite players in Malta, and who have had great runs as part...

Txrbulance in ManCity/Gfinity Cups

Txrbulance has been busy over these past three days competing in the Manchester City Esports Cup Qualifer #3 on Sunday, and Gfinity Challenger Series on Monday and Tuesday.  Manchester City Esports Cup Qualifier 3 - 5/8/2018  EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 1:0...

Fortnite POG Duo Tournament - 18th & 21st

Our international Fortnite players are currently participating in the Premier Online Gaming 3-Day Duo Tournament. Premier Online Gaming (POG) is an EU-based tournament organiser based off a 5,000 user strong Discord server community. The Duo tournament will have two days of qualifiers, on the 3rd...

New Fortnite.MT squad wins QFire Squad Gun Show!

Following last weekend's LAN event we felt that certain changes were needed in our Maltese Fortnite roster to make sure we remain at the top, and this weekend's Squad Gun Show at the Quickfire Esports Centre turned out to be an excellent proving ground. Replacing fireduck and Cataniia, we...